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De Chipiona a Atenas

Publicado: abril 16, 2016 en Primero de ESO

ImageMe llamo Filipo. Soy un chico de Atenas. Me encanta pasear por mi ciudad e investigar los restos arqueológicos. Pero estoy en un apuro… mi profesor de Historia, me ha dicho que debo aprenderme los diferentes estilos arquitectónicos, y por más que lo intento no se me queda.

¿Podrías ayudarme? Echa un vistazo a la página 172 del libro y completa las partes que tienen en inglés. (Si quieres verlo más grande pincha en la foto).


¡Ah, se me olvidaba! Se que soy un poco pesado, pero necesito otro favor…

He estado buscando de aquí para allá, pero no tengo manera de encontrar una dichosa escultura que me guste, Atenas ha cambiado mucho en los últimos dos mil quinientos años por lo que se ve… y me han encomendado también que encuentre un ejemplo de escultura de época arcaica, otra de época clásica, y otra de época helenística…

Como pista, mi amiga Helena, me ha dicho que podéis visitar las siguientes páginas:

¿Seríais capaces de traerme ejemplos? ¿Seríais capaces de contarme cual es la historia que esconden esas esculturas?

Gracias por adelantado, cuando vengáis por Grecia estáis invitados a una musaca (que es un plato famoso y muy rico de aquí).



Fill in the speech bubble.

You have the contents on the 72nd page of the book.


Let´s participate in this Olympic activity!


Are you a weather woman/man?

weather map



a)      What is a barometer?

b)      What are the isobars?

c)       What do you think L and H on the weather map mean?

d)      What kind of weather does low pressure normally bring?

e)      What kind of weather does high pressure normally bring?

f)       What´s the weather like in United Kingdom? And in Cádiz?

g)      Find a weather map of your country today. You can click on this link Write five sentences using some of these keywords:


h)    What´s the weather like in Córdoba today?





Activities Unit 7





Based on Battleship game.


Sin título

Sin título

The goal is to learn the difference between longitude and latitude.


Sin título


  1. Give a map to the students.
  2. They have to play in pairs. They have to hide their map to his/her partner.
  3. They must place five game pieces ( They can cut fiver small papers with a 5 cents coin size) on the map, on five different cities.
  4. Player A must say to Player B coordinates at random (For example: 41 degrees North, 4 degrees West). If the coordinates are right (Player B has a game piece on these coordinates), Player B must say hit. If the coordinates are wrong Player B must say land.
  5. The goal is to guess where all the game pieces are.


Learning to orient, to say the coordinates correctly in English and to understand concepts such as longitude and latitude. These are our didactic purposes.

Interactive activity.

A roll game based on the History of Athens and Sparta…


1st You have to give each student a card with this information:


2nd  Students must know which social class you are talking about…

3rd Students should hide their cards to their partners… they can work in pairs or small groups.

4th They must answer the questions of their partners.

Examples of questions:

– What do you do?

– Do you go to school?

-Do you practice sports?

– Are you a citizen?

– Do you stay at home?

– Are you important in your society?

5th The goal is to discover who are they talking to…  a soldier… a man from Athens… a slave… a helot… a Spartan boy…


It is a great way to learn more about Greece, and an interactive activity to practise English!

Fill in the gaps 

Ground control to Major Tom
Ground control to Major Tom
Lock your Soyuz hatch and put your helmet on.

Ground _____ to Major Tom
Commencing countdown engines on
Detach from station and may God’s love be with you

This is ground control to Major Tom
You’ve really made the grade
and the papers want to know whose _____ you wear
But it’s time to guide the capsule if you dare

This is Major Tom to ground control
I’ve left forevermore
And I’m floating in most peculiar _____
And the stars look very different today

For here am I sitting in a tin can
Far above the _____
The planet _____ is blue and there’s nothing left to do

Though I’ve flown one hundred thousand miles
I’m feeling very still
And before too long I know it’s time to go
Our commander comes down back to earth, and knows

Ground control to Major Tom
The _____ is near, there’s not too long
Can you hear me Major Tom?
Can you hear me Major Tom?
Can you hear me Major Tom?
Can you hear…

Here am I floating in my tin can
A last glimpse of the world
The planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing left to do


  1. Which colour is the planet Earth?
  2. Which situation describes the song?
  3. What did you like the most of this song?