Olympe de Gouges and her concept of Freedom

Publicado: noviembre 8, 2015 en Cuarto de Eso

Firstly read pages 12 and 13 of your book.

Secondly click on these links and answer:






  1. Where was born Olympe de Gouges? When?
  2. In which context grow up Olympe de Gouges?
  3. Why do you think Olympe de Gouges wrote “Man, are you capable of being just?  It is a woman who asks you this question…  Tell me, what gives you sovereign empire over my sex?”
  4. What did she think about the role of women in the society?
  5. Which was her position about slavery?
  6. What is the argument in the case against Olympe de Gouges?
  7. How was Olympe de Gouges executed?
  8. What did she write to her son?
  9. When had women in France right to vote?
  10. Do you think her contribution for equality makes sense nowadays? 
  11. Read the articles and answer http://www.fmyv.es/ci/in/women/3.pdf
  • What did she think about separation of powers?
  • What did she think about women rights?
  • What is the nation for Olympe de Gouges?
  • Which is the one of the most precious rights of woman?
  • What did she think about tasks and positions of women?
  1. Write a conclusion about Olympe de Gouges and her struggle.


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