Who am I? Athens and Sparta for 1st ESO.

Publicado: abril 8, 2014 en Primero de ESO

Interactive activity.

A roll game based on the History of Athens and Sparta…


1st You have to give each student a card with this information:


2nd  Students must know which social class you are talking about…

3rd Students should hide their cards to their partners… they can work in pairs or small groups.

4th They must answer the questions of their partners.

Examples of questions:

– What do you do?

– Do you go to school?

-Do you practice sports?

– Are you a citizen?

– Do you stay at home?

– Are you important in your society?

5th The goal is to discover who are they talking to…  a soldier… a man from Athens… a slave… a helot… a Spartan boy…


It is a great way to learn more about Greece, and an interactive activity to practise English!



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